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10 Moving Tips

You’ve found the perfect place, signed all the paperwork, and are ready to move into your new place.  It’s an amazing feeling.  However, getting ready to move can be a whole other story.

There’s no question moving can be a stressful and intimidating process. You need to pack all your belongings, decide what you’d like to take and what can be recycled or trashed. The key to success is to be organized and plan your move.  Below are 10 helpful tips to make your move a success.

  1. Make a moving plan. Be sure your plan includes time frames for the move, what items are coming, how everything gets packed, and the house movers you will use.
  2. Make a list of contacts you need to inform about your new address. Make sure to include banks, the post office, family and friends.
  3. Contact the utility and cable/internet companies so that your new place has the services turned on and then disconnected from your previous location.
  4. Pay a visit to your new place ahead of time to get an idea of how and where your are going to arrange you new home. Make sure to note closet and shelf space and how they will work with your belongings.
  5. Start sorting your belongings into categories. For example; essential items, items to donate or throw away, and things like seasonal items that will go directly to storage.
  6. We recommend starting to clean out your drawers and closest and pack non-essential items at least six weeks before the planned move date. This will help make moving day much less stressful.
  7. Pick a moving company with expertise in Utah home moving.
  8. Stop by and say hello to your upcoming, new neighbors or any HOA’s you may be infolved with.  This will help you find out if there’s anything special you need to know about moving in. Pass any pertinent information along to your moving company.
  9. If you plan on moving yourself, make sure to rent a moving truck that will be able to accommodate all of your belongings. Invite friends over to help move boxes and to lift the heavy items.
  10.  Before you leave your old home for the last time make sure all the windows and doors are locked.  Also, be sure to check that all of the lights are shut off and that there is no water left running.

Now you’re in. Congratulations! Take your time unpacking. We recommend starting with the bedroom first.  That way, no matter how far along you get unpacking, you’ll have a place to sleep.  Then you can move onto the kitchen and other areas.

10 moving tips