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Moving Boxes

Moving to a new place takes a lot of time and effort, especially if you consider everything that needs to get done.  That’s why we’ve come up with a list to help you organize your boxes for moving.

  • When it comes to packing, make sure that you have more than enough boxes to contain all your belongings.  It’s better to have too many boxes than not enough.
  • Make sure that your belongings are properly inventoried.  Create an inventory sheet to help with loading and unloading.
  • Properly label any items that need special handling.
  • Make sure to always team lift any heavy items or boxes.

Moving Boxes

One of the more tedious parts of moving is simply preparing and packing.  Without boxes to pack your items in, moving would be a very time consuming process. There are hundreds of varieties of boxes to choose from. Make sure you know what kind of boxes you’re using and that they’re the right ones for the job. We suggest having a wide range of sizes to accommodate all of your belongings.

Types Of Moving Boxes

Cardboard shipping boxes are usually the most economical type of boxes for moving, and are suitable for stable items like books, clothes, and linens. .  Specifically designed moving boxes made of cardboard are designed to move, store, and stack larger or heavier items too.  However, even if you get specialty moving boxes you still want to make sure to pack smart.   Don’t overload a box’s capacity or stack too many boxes on top of each other.  Make sure that when you do stack that you stack efficiently.  Place heavier boxes on the bottom and and pack continually lighter loads the higher you stack.

While cardboard boxes may offer the cheapest method of shipping your items to your new home, plastic moving storage containers, or “totes,” provide the most protection for your valuable items.

Unlike cardboard boxes, plastic totes offer more protection and durability with their hard sides and top. Place valuable or fragile items in totes for the added security over cardboard boxes. Be sure to place some packaging material or bubble wrap inside totes, or any moving box, for added protection.

Where To Get Moving Boxes

Many stores give away cardboard boxes for free. Check out the local grocery and retail stores.  Often times you can simply ask a manager and they’ll give you left over boxes that they’d be throwing away otherwise.  Grabbing free boxes wherever you can is a great way to save money with your move.

If you do not have access to either cardboard moving boxes or plastic totes, you can often rent moving boxes from a moving supplies company.  This allows you to efficiently inventory how many boxes you may need, and minimizes clutter after you move.

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