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Packing Tips

After you have made a decision to move, there are a few tips and trick to help make the moving process a little easier.


Start sorting and eliminating things you don’t want or have no need for anymore.  Yard sales are a great way of eliminating unnecessary items for moving.  You can also donate to charity.  Below is a list of a few common items that can often be eliminated.

  • Books you have already read could be provided to your local library
  • Unused shoes
  • Clothes that you don’t put on any longer or that do not suit you
  • Excessive cups, plates, old tupperware, etc.

Using this approach prior to moving will save you time by avoiding packing unnecessary items. By downsizing anything you don’t absolutely want or need you’ll save money on fuel by hauling less weight.


Make a list of your rooms and large items, like couches, fridges and other furniture.  Plan what will get moved together and where it will go.  You can simplify moving even further by putting peel-off stickers and labels on furniture and boxes with a note as to what room to place them in at the new home.  Plan this room by room.  This makes the big moving day run more efficiently.


Packing is a big undertaking.  Use appropriate packing supplies and materials.  Get your hands on some sturdy boxes.  Load up on packing filler, bubble wrap, or you can even use old newspaper.  These items provide for cushioning and padding so that items remain safe during transit.

Write fragile on any boxes that require special care.  Without proper labeling, when moving you may mistake one box for another.  A box that you may think is full of books and socks may actually contain fragile items.

Once you’re ready to move, practice safety first.  Moving can be strenuous on the body.  Lift heavy items with a partner.  For heavy or fragile items you can also consider hiring home movers in Utah to assist.  Moving companies are particularly helpful if you have heavy boxes, large furniture, etc.  Additionally, experienced movers, like 7 Brothers Moving Company, are professionally trained to handle your items with care.