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Professional Mover Tips

Whether moving homes for fun or out of necessity, there’s a few tips to help make the move a smoother process.

Stuff:  Isn’t it amazing how much stuff we gather in a short amount of time?  It’s funnier when you realize that half of the stuff you don’t even use.  Having a yard sale helps get rid of a lot of those item’s you don’t need.  This lightens your moving load, and puts a few extra dollars in your pocket.  The extra money can be used to purchase new furniture, home appliances, cleaning supplies, or anything else you could use at the new house you’re moving to.

Moving Preparation:  You’re ready to start packing now.  Make sure you have everything you need.  Stock up on boxes, packing tape, markers, labels bubble wrap, twine or rope, etc.  By ensuring that you have these items available it makes the packing process more efficient.

Pets:  We can’t forget about our furry friends.  If you have a dog or cat that wants in on the moving action, it is helpful to plan a pet-sitter for part of the moving preparation.  This will prevent them from disorganizing everything that you are trying to keep organized.  You wouldn’t want fluffy to “fertilize” anything you’ve packed either.

Visualize:  With all of the fancy mobile apps and websites available nowadays, you can take advantage of “room visualizers.”  These allow you to map out how you’d like all of your stuff positioned into your upcoming home.  This helps expedite unloading after the move, because you know exactly where to put everything as soon as you arrive.  It also helps with the packing process even before the move.  By using a room visualizer you get a better idea of what items to bundle and pack with what other items.

Moving Companies:  Now that you’re ready to move homes, why not let a moving company do it for you?  You’ve already worked hard enough to get to this big day.  Take a load off and let a professional moving company in Utah help you out.  Additionally, having a crew of movers can minimize the time it takes to pack and transport your home.  The time savings alone often pays for itself.

New Home:  You’re all moved now.  Congrats!  Before you get too excited, you still have a little legwork left.  To truly get settled in your home you still need to finish the little things.  Don’t forget to call the local utility companies to get your power, gas, water, etc. hooked up.  Additionally, don’t forget your modern necessities, internet and cable tv.  If you fancy an alarm system, now’s a good time to call up the local alarm company too.

If you had pets that moved with you it is good to let them get used to their new surroundings.  Make sure your yard is fenced in or closed off for a few days or weeks so that dogs can get used to remembering their new home.  Since cats can take off and jump fences easier, you should consider keeping them in the home for a few days.  This lets them get familiar with their new home, nearby scents, etc.  That way if they go outside they’ll have a recollection of what to look for to get back home later.

professional mover tips