Moving Rates/Services

Utah moving companies
Our Utah moving company offers very competitive rates. Your cost will depend on the number of trucks and movers you need. 7 Brothers Moving Company can provide between 1 and 15 movers and 1 to 5 trucks to make your move as quick and efficient as possible.

Our rates are some of the lowest in the state, and we offer some of the best services – such as free shrink wrap, free stairs, no extra charges for stairs, no extra charge for heavy items or pianos or safes, etc. It is all included in your hourly rate. Some companies charge a lower or same rate as us, but they don’t include trucks, gasoline, dollies, shrink wrap, and then in addition charge extra for heavy items. You have none of that with us. When you get your bill, it is exactly as explained in the office when you signed up. And in fact it ends up being less than these other companies ,and our services are substantially better.

Most companies charge you from the time they leave their office to the time they get back. If they are stuck in traffic, you get the bill for that! We charge a one time travel fee, which covers our cost to get the guys out there and back. But if they are stuck in traffic, it is on our dime. Shrink wrap is on our dime, heavy items are no extra charge. We bring the trucks, gasoline, movers, dollies, blankets and shrink wrap, floor coverings, wall protectors, etc. Some of these companies you still have to go and rent your own truck, drive it and pay for the gasoline, and then get it back to the rental store on time, or pay additional charges. This could easily cost you an additional 100-300 dollars, and they essentially charge the same price as us, and even more when you add in their charges for heavy items, shrink wrap and dollies.

When you take the total cost of your move, and compare apples to apples, 7 Brothers Moving offers the best value and service for the dollar. We complete almost 600 moves a year all locally and we are a locally started and owned company. We are not a franchise. We understand moving and we have been in business since 2006. We have thousands of satisfied customers all over the state. We also offer on site storage facilities.

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Utah moving company services:

  • Packing/Unpacking Utah movers – Don’t lift a finger! Let us do the packing and unpacking for you
  • Load/Unload Utah moving – Already boxed up? Save your back and let our Utah movers do the heavy lifting.
  • SLC moving intrastate transport of household goods
  • Home to Home moving Utah- Whether you’re upgrading or downsizing, our SLC moving teams can make your move smooth.
  • UT house moving to storage Units- Whether you have a 10×10 that needs filling or a neglected unit that needs emptying, our Utah movers can help.
  • Multiple Utah moving stops are no problem – Have stuff in a few different places? No problem!
  • Need other moving services? Just ask.

*Minimum price based on one mover with one truck.